About Us 


About Us


Sons Of Liberty Society is the social and emergency network. It is a selective network comprised of people who want to network, fellowship and provides support centered around survival, emergency and disaster preparedness, defensive/tactical, outside of the box lifestyles.


Sons Of Liberty Society and Daughters Of Liberty Society whose name is taken from the revolutionary war underground organization The Sons Of Liberty. The historic underground organization who rebelled against the crown/king during the beginning and throughout subsequent stages of the revolutionary fight for liberty and independence. The sons of liberty were a group who stood up for freedom, through their network in a tumultuous time we're able to affect the outcome of a fight for freedom.

 We want to build a network of community-oriented people who can rely on each other for support in times of need and when the time comes emergency situations or SHTF scenarios. we take the tenants of the original organization to be citizens of this country, to be productive in the community, uphold the constitution of the United States of American. We seek to promote freedom for all and stand up to the tyranny of any kind and defend against that which infringes on the civil liberties of others.  We seek to mentor our youth to be self-reliant, personally responsible, renounce the trend of being a "victim". we seek to guide them to be productive members of the overall community. In this organization, we seek to provide a network of people who can share knowledge and support each other as it pertains to survival, prepping, protection and s.h.t.f. scenarios that could arise.

What we hope to accomplish in the future is to open and operate a recreational facility which seeks to offer members a wide variety of things to do. Essentially a large area of land for Swimming, camping, Horseback riding, Hiking, 4x4 off-roading, and an on-site, well-designed range. where the focus will not only be just a place to recreate and shoot but for those interested in quality training we will work with the resources available to bring that training to our members. The goal is to promote trusted network growth, fellowship, preparedness, reliable resource to fall back on and have a safe and fun experience. Philanthropy is definitely a future goal of this organization, by contributing to programs that support Veterans, Public safety, Children's Hospitals, etc. We hope to impact our community and to be a great example of service and community involvement.


What we are not:

- we are not An "alt" right, right-wing, an ultra-right militia group

- we are not a militia group or para-military group

- we are not a partisan group 

- We do not discriminate again race, sex, age, or religion etc.

- snowflakes

- victims


What we are:

- a network of people who will utilize this network to support each other especially in times of crisis,

- Patriotic, and community-oriented citizens 

- brotherhood and sisterhood of survivalists, preppers, protection, and defense enthusiasts and experts 

- people interested in being or becoming more self-reliant and self-sufficient.  



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